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We deliver rental oxygen concentrators directly to you, at your house, condo or hotel, to help you transition from low to high altitude.  This allows you to sleep better, recover faster and feel relief. We do this in Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain and other areas of Colorado. Everyone that visits Colorado will feel the effects of the altitude. Most people notice symptoms of reduced aerobic performance and more fatigue while doing activities, such walking up a flight of stairs, skiing or mountain biking. One in four people will experience acute mountain sickness (AMS) with altitude sickness symptoms such as poor or restless sleep, headaches or other flu like symptoms.  Using our oxygen while you sleep can help solve these problems. It’s easy, convenient, affordable and effective – proven by science and by happy repeat guests. After making your hotel reservations or booking your ski lessons and rental car, don’t forget to call us too.  Rent an oxygen machine for your stay and elevate your Colorado vacation even more.

Now why would you want to rent oxygen when you come to Colorado?

When you come to Colorado you are coming to a higher altitude. Of course it is safe to come here but you may feel the effects a little. A great way to help the body transition from sea level to altitude is to use supplemental oxygen while you are here. Not all the time, just periodically in the comfort of your hotel or while you sleep. You would be amazed at how easy and convenient this service is. With a quick phone call we can have an oxygen concentrator delivered directly to your hotel room or accommodation for you to use. When you are using a small amount of oxygen you are somewhat creating an artificial lower altitude environment – similar to spending that extra day or two at lower elevation. By giving your body more oxygen at altitude you are smoothing the transition from lower elevation to higher elevation and you will sleep better, recover quicker, and feel relief.

At higher elevations the air is thinner which means there are fewer molecules of everything present, including oxygen. So although the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is the same (21%), the thinner air means there is less oxygen to breathe. At 8000 feet there is about 24% less oxygen available than when at sea level. To calculate exactly how much less oxygen there is at a given altitude click on this link (http://www.altitude.org/air_pressure.php). It’s a really neat tool provided by altitude.org.

Because of the thinner air, your body has to compensate and what happens is the body creates more red blood cells.  It can then absorb more oxygen and transport it to your body. During this period of compensation you can feel less than optimal. You may feel a slight headache or worse. Some people feel it more than others. These symptoms that occur are often referred to as altitude sickness, mountain sickness or acute mountain sickness. One way to reduce the chance of these symptoms occurring is to increase the time you take to get to higher altitude – hence giving your body more time to adjust. An example would be spending a night or two at a lower elevation (say Denver) on your way to the mountains. This would certainly help but who wants to spend a day of vacation away from the ski hill when the powder snow is beckoning. We want you to come and enjoy your vacation right now and we have the perfect solution to help you and your family adjust to the higher altitude more comfortably.

Our phone number is 970-368-9696. Please call us anytime. Or email us at info@rentoxygen.com .

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