• What towns do you deliver to?

We deliver in person in the Vail Valley and Summit County – including Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Copper Mountain and Breckenridge. We also deliver any oxygen machine virtually anywhere in Colorado and the western U.S. via Fedex, and we pay for the shipping to there and back.

• Will oxygen help me adjust to high altitude?

Yes. At 8,000 feet, you are breathing roughly 30% less oxygen in every breath compared to sea level.  If you are at higher altitudes, it just gets less and less.  When at altitude, there is less oxygen in your blood and therefore the rest of your body is working extra overtime.  You heart, lungs, muscles and body organs are getting tired and breaking down.  In addition, you need sleep to recover and with less oxygen, you can’t sleep or get your nutrients to your fatigued muscles.  By using oxygen a few times a day or while you sleep, you will sleep better, recover faster and feel relief.   You will still adjust to the altitude over a 14 day time frame, but by using oxygen you won’t bonk or hit the wall.

• What are common symptoms of Altitude Sickness?

Headaches, Nausea, Difficulty Sleeping, Vomiting, Loss of Appetite, Fatigue / Tiredness, Rapid Pulse, Shortness of breath, Diarrhea.  Most people won’t feel all of them.  Headaches, difficulty sleeping and fatigue are the most common.

• How many people are affected by altitude sickness in the mountains of the western U.S.?

At least 4 out of 10 people will have some noticeable symptoms of altitude sickness when visiting the mountains of the western U.S. and Colorado. When coming from sea level, all guests will benefit from using oxygen during their stay.  Interesting article from CDC on travel to high altitude destinations can be found here.

• When should I use oxygen?

Research suggests that the more you use it, the better. Using it for 2-5 minutes (store bought cans) won’t give much of a benefit.  Keep in mind, our machines at a setting of 2 would fill 10 – 1 liter bottles in just 5 minutes!  The tiny store bought cans are real oxygen, but it isn’t enough to make a dent.  We recommend using oxygen 30-45 minutes at a time, a few times a day. For example, grab a book, check some e-mails or watch a movie while having some oxygen. The easiest, most convenient and most effective way is to use the oxygen while you are sleeping.

• Can I use Oxygen with my CPAP machine?

Yes. We have an attachment that will allow you to connect oxygen to your CPAP machines.  Always consult your doctor to ensure it is the right thing to do.

• When will I be billed for the oxygen?

We will charge your credit card to reserve the oxygen machine. Payment is necessary to confirm your reservation.  If you can’t make your trip and need to cancel (we know you are already bummed), so we refund 100%.

• Will my insurance pay for the rental or purchase of this system?

We do not bill insurance companies. That being said, your best recourse is to contact your insurance agent to determine if it will compensate for the oxygen machine.  Usually they do not for short-term needs or for travel.  We do provide you with a receipt, which you can be submitted. Payment from insurers is between you and the insurer.

• What is your cancellation policy?

We know that cancellations can happen. As long as you cancel prior to when we deliver the machine, we will give a full refund.  Notification can be via phone, fax or email, but be sure we confirm your cancellation with you.

• What are your business hours?

Our regular business hours are seven days a week 9 am to 6 pm mountain time. We do deliver oxygen machines on the weekend and evenings as guests arrive.   We are also on-call 24 hours for emergency.  Pre-ordered weekend deliveries do not incur additional charge. After hour deliveries do incur an extra delivery fee depending on the time of night.

• Should I reserve my oxygen machine?

Yes. These devices are in high demand. We recommend that you reserve your unit as soon as the details of your trip are finalized.

• When will you deliver my oxygen machine?

We intend to have the oxygen machine delivered by 5 pm the day of arrival (obviously weather or other events could disrupt these sincere intentions). By special request we will try and deliver earlier in the day and usually it is not a problem. Please note, we try very hard to accommodate everybody’s needs.  If you are arriving late at night, we try to get access to your accommodations before you arrive and we set-up the machine and turn it on so it is ready for immediate use.  Quick start instructions are also provided.

• How do I know if the oxygen is working?

Subjectively you will feel better – you will have a more enjoyable vacation (if that is even possible when visiting our beautiful mountains). Objectively – oxygen levels can be measured using a pulse oximeter, described below.

• What is a pulse oximeter?

This device monitors a patient’s oxygen levels in the blood. Put an oximeter on your finger and it will tell you your oxygen saturation level – i.e. the level of oxygen in your blood as a percentage.  Usually you want to be in the 90s.  You can actually see your oxygen level go up while on oxygen and wearing an oximeter.  Get off the oxygen and wait 5 minutes and your oxygen level will be lower.  If don’t have your own pulse oximeter, inquire, as we have a limited number of oximeters for rent for $15.

• What does “POC” stand for?

Portable Oxygen Concentrator.  It is a smaller concentrator that can run on AC or DC power and on battery.  They are used for travel in car and plane or when a power source is not available.  They are generally used by people that need oxygen all the time.  Most visitors to the mountains just need oxygen a few times a day (or while you sleep) and therefore use a stationary concentrator in your place of accommodation.  They can easily be moved from room to room.

• Can the patient take the POC on a commercial airline flight?

Yes, they are FAA approved.

• Do I have to return the stationery oxygen concentrator to your store?

No. Your rental fee includes delivery and pick up. Please make arrangements with your lodging representatives to have the oxygen machine available, which may include having it returned to your hotel bell stand or concierge. If in a private residence, calling us upon departure and leaving it outside in a covered area would be appropriate. Portable oxygen units require you to send them back to us when taken out of our area via FedEx or UPS only with tracking. Do not use the post office. This is your responsibility.

• Is oxygen safe for me?

Yes. Breathing oxygen at 2 LPM via nasal cannula when at 8000 feet is roughly the equivalent of being at sea level.  Ultimately, if you have any concerns, you should ask your doctor.  

• Is oxygen addictive?

No. Using oxygen during your vacation will not create an addiction to oxygen.

• Cleaning my oxygen machine?

We sanitize and test every machine before delivery. There is no need to clean your machine as it is ready to use. We provide enough brand new sealed cannula for your entire group, so there is no need to share.

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