Rent Oxygen Colorado new blog

Stop the presses!  Rent Oxygen based in Colorado has started an internet blog.  We hope to give you some news, relevant content and education on oxygen solutions and oxygen concentrators in our area of Colorado and the western U.S.  For this first blog, we wish to point out a blog post that the Antlers at Vail did on our services.  Thank you Liana!  You can read it here.  Or a copy is available below.  All the best…. Chris Ratzlaff

From the Antlers at Vail:  For those that have visited the mountains before, you are probably aware of the effects when coming to altitude. Most people notice reduced aerobic performance or fatigue while doing activities such as skiing or biking. And yes, many can experience mountain sickness signs. Signs include reduced or restless sleep, headaches, fatigue or other flu-like symptoms. This can cut into quality time on the mountain and limit vacation fun. That’s where Rent Oxygen can help!

Although many clients contact Rent Oxygen only when someone has altitude sickness. Now over 50% of their clients are reserving their oxygen machines in advance. With machines that can be shared among a whole group/family, the users can avoid altitude symptoms for everyone and even recover better, after a day on the mountain. Reach out to at 844-699-4366 to learn more on how to upgrade your vacation. Ensure you are up on the mountain each day this year.

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