Where to get oxygen in Vail

You can get oxygen in Vail quickly and easily with us at www.RentOxygen.com  As there are no oxygen bars in Vail, we can deliver to you your own oxygen machine, which you can share with your group.  Plus, you aren’t limited to 30-45 minutes as you would in an oxygen bar.  Our machines never run out.  We have two delivery people located in the Vail Valley so we can quickly arrive at your condominium, hotel or home.   Yes, we can deliver late at night.  Vail Colorado is at 8,200 feet.   1 out of 4 people at this altitude can experience symptoms of altitude sickness, which can include restless sleep, headaches, nausea, low energy, etc.   

Word of warning, the canned oxygen only lasts 2-5 minutes.  These cans don’t last long enough to saturate your O2 blood levels and to give your body the proper break/recovery that it will require at altitude.  You would have to buy cartloads of cans to get proper oxygen session.

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